About Us

About Us

Tiny Bites is a health-conscious food service program catering food to children by way of childcare centers and schools.

We care about our youth and their futures.  Not only do we provide our young with heart healthy meals, but we also help show them what a well balanced diet should consist of.  We prepare meals daily using the best ingredients.  Our meals are wholesome, appealing, fun, including a bit of kitchen flavoring and loads of love, they are desirable too.  The kids love it!

Why You Can Trust Us

Health Comes 1st

At Tiny Bites kids always
come first.

Healthy Habits

At Tiny Bites we want to help encourage and influence to kids to be as healthy as possible.

Bright Futures

At Tiny Bites our end goal is to build healthy futures for our young.

Throughout the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic we volunteered at a family daycare and we were able to witness the meals that were provided by the state to the daycare and we were able to also witness the meals that families oftentimes would provide for their children. Our hearts were broken seeing what kids were being served.   Many of the meals lacked health, fun, and wholesomeness.  On a mission to be able to teach healthy habits to children, with the help of our family, Tiny Bites was born.  Tiny Bites has made goals to change eating habits for children and goals to educate children on healthy eating habits.  Many times there are a multitude of reasons for the disparities that many children have come to face. Tiny Bites will do everything within their power to combat unlearned unhealthy eating.  We would love for Tiny Bites to grow throughout our city, state, and country.

Hi, I’m Destiny Davis!

Destiny Davis was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  When Destiny was just 17 she began her journey in the food service and hospitality industry.  Over the past 10 years Destiny has worked in many restaurants in many different capacities.  She developed a strong love for serving people and keeping bellies full.  Overtime Destiny realized her passion for helping her community by way of cooking meals for the unfortunate or packaging food for people to take home to feed themselves and their families through trying times.  Starting Tiny Bites is one of the biggest moments in her life, and she is pumped to get started!

Hi, I’m Brien Roufus!

Brien Roufus was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Brien started his career in the food service and hospitality industry at just 12 years young.  Over the past 20 years Brien has worked in many different industries, but always maintained a weekend position in a local restaurant.  Brien has always loved to serve people and make people happy.  Brien has a strong love for children and has always wanted to do work to benefit children.  Brien loves volunteering with his churches youth ministry. Starting Tiny Bites is one of the most important opportunities he’s had, and he’s excited to take it on!